Founded in 2003 by Gary Willey, Gary Willey & Associates was originally part of MIDLAND Companies (also owned and operated by Gary Willey). 

Gary Willey & Associates was spun off as a registered Nebraska Corporation in January of 2008. The name change was made to separate the marketing and sales consulting business from the MIDLAND business, which was primarily satellite sports programming products and services, background music and other business services. This also gave Gary more time to concentrate on Gary Willey & Associates clients. 

The 'Associates' in the company name refers to "AMCA's" (Accredited Master Consulting Agents). These are the top 45 or so Monopolize Your Marketplace agents (out of nearly 1,300 nationwide) giving Gary Willey & Associates a range of talent and expertise unavailable to other consultants and agencies. 

Often, prospective clients ask "Can you give us some references?" We can furnish references for a multitude of different businesses, proving our expertise in many types of industries, unlike a typical local marketing consultant or advertising agency. 

A handful of these special AMCA associates have formed a special "Peer Group" of which Gary Willey is a member. This unique group consists of the top AMCA's in the Monopolize Your Marketplace system.  They meet weekly to critique each other’s plans, review their ad copy, and to share ideas and success stories.  When you work with Gary Willey & Associates, you get Gary PLUS this unique group.  No one else can say or do that! 

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